MC di Moreno Costa is a company that works in the world flue pipes and accessories since more than twenty years.

We design and produce pipes and the most various accessories for wood and pellet stoves, always in full compliance with laws and provisions of this field.

Smoke dressed in charcoal grey steel. Deep grey.

Wholesome air and no energy losses. The heat produced by wood or pellet stoves is conveyed and radiated in perfect balance, providing
pure and uniform warmth.

MC has thought of everything.

Flue gas disposal products made by the company are versatile, tough, and thoroughly modern: in a word — steel. These are products unaffected by wear and untroubled by high temperatures; indeed they perform a positive heat recovery function by radiating warmth into the surrounding environment like any other heater.

Not merely “pipes”, but genuine instruments.

They can be curved, round, straight or of varying diameter, to suit the needs of the installer or maker of stoves or fireplaces, but more importantly they
are safe and certified as such, carrying the CE mark.

The quality you’re looking for!

Designed and manufactured to EN 1856-2, EN 1856-1 and EN 14989-2 standards, all MC products are carefully tested and checked by the company’s Quality System.

Competence and professionalism

Furthermore, the skills and professionalism of MC is aimed to provide a flexible and diligent After Sales Service designed to guarantee the maximum customer satisfaction.

The world of flue accessories

This is the world of Moreno Costa, able to apply its great technical abilities in the design and the production of innovative-patented products, these become ultimately as items of everyday use.